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Our Leadership

Apostolic and Pastoral Advisors

Cherish Knudson Senior Pastor

Cherish Knudson pastors Oasis Intl. Church in Ely, Minnesota alongside her husband, Patrick. She also ministers in the U.S. and abroad through teaching and prophetic worship/ministry. One of her many passions is to bring believers into a deeper revelation of worship. Cherish is a song writer, recording artist and seasoned worship leader who flows with Holy Spirit, releasing spontaneous songs that bring freedom and healing. Her desire is to see every believer display the love and power of God in their daily lives, bringing heaven to earth.

Calvin Woods Apostolic CoveringShirley Woods Apostolic Covering

Calvin Woods and his wife, Shirley, are the co-founders of Harvest Praise Invasion International and Free Life Family Worship Center in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, metro area. Calvin Woods serves on the Oasis Intl. board and has nearly 40 years of combined pastoral and itinerant ministry experience. God has used him in an apostolic/prophetic call to greatly impact not only his own region but many nations. Scores have been set free as he ministers through song and prophecy. Calvin and Shirley are both passionate and committed to seeing the captives set free, discover their calling, trained/equipped for ministry and prepared for the return of Christ. The Woods have 9 children and live in the a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jennifer Tweit Pastoral Advisor

Jennifer Tweit pastors Expectancy in Mountain Iron, Minnesota alongside her husband affectionately known as, “Limey”. She is a prophetic teacher/ preacher who burns for all creation to awaken to their true identity and confidently live out their individual and corporate Kingdom mandates. Jennifer brings a strong marriage of the Word and the Spirit, releasing revival into the hearts of people. Her desire is to see the Body of Christ one in Spirit and Truth, while working together in love, bringing expansion of Christ’s Kingdom for His good pleasure.

Brian Holley Pastoral Advisor

Brian Holley is a husband, father of five, and a powerful minister of the gospel. He excels in prophetic intercession and worship with a mandate to prophesy “life” to dry bones. Brian recognizes the great importance of discipleship to ensure that what is gained in wisdom in one generation doesn’t die there. He is in awe of our invitation to share in the harmony and communion found between The Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Currently, Brian is an Associate Primary Leader of Free Life Family Worship Center and board member of Harvest Praise International.

Pastoral Elders – Governing

Patrick Knudson Pastor

Patrick is a true evangelist with a passionate heart to share the wonderful nature and power of God with anyone who will listen. His life experience prior to encountering God was full of every worldly thing, but the transformation is evident! Patrick is a new man, full of zeal for God and people. He is a successful entrepreneur, a preacher, a mentor, and a lover of almost any outdoor activity. His passion is to “have fun” and he truly brings joy to those around him.

Assistant Pastor Anne Chindvall

Anne is known for her joyful spirit and evangelistic heart. She is a gifted teacher and worship leader, spearheads the nursing home ministry, and is relentless in encouraging, counseling, and building up the family of God. Her teaching style is memorable to the young and old alike because it is profound and simple. Anne is a true gift to the Oasis family and to all who know her.


Gary Shemon

Gary felt the call of God on his life since he was twelve years old. His ministry has primarily been in the marketplace, both in the U.S. and Canada, through the trucking and logging industries where he shared his faith with many individuals. God has opened the door for Gary to minister in churches and other Christian gatherings on numerous occasions. His passion to see the Spirit of God move in revival exudes from him. Gary is as real as they come. He is loyal, sincere, and a man to be trusted.


Deacons – Serving

Dave Hernesmaa

Dave Hernesmaa manages the sound department at Oasis Intl. He loves scripture, good teaching, is a man of detail, and is excellent at preparing for what is coming in vision and direction. Those who know him well might say he is a “thinker” and a man who has a heart to see things done in excellence. Dave grew up in Ely and enjoys all that the outdoor area has to offer such as fishing, hunting, gardening and berry picking.


Michelle has an inner strength and discernment coupled with humility and a deep hunger for the things of God. She is approachable, trustworthy, has a great sense of humor, and provides a good listening ear. Michelle serves on the sound board and projector ministries and also leads the women’s ministry. It’s easy to love Michelle and we thank God for making her a strong part of the Oasis family.


LuAnn deeply cares about people, is dependable, organized, and ready to serve in any capacity. Her cheerful disposition brings joy to those around her and she is a faithful friend. LuAnn serves in many capacities including personal assistant to Pastor Cherish, cleaning the church, managing the helps team, and overseeing various other church details. She does it all with a gracious spirit and humble heart. We are all blessed by the grace of God flowing through LuAnn!